We’ve temporarily moved online to keep our community healthy. We can’t wait to see you all in the air when it is safe to start up group classes again.

Aerial Arts
with an emphasis on Aerial Smarts

There are two easy ways to get started online.

Pre-recorded Classes

Master classes that are a distillation of over 10 years of aerial teaching experience. A comprehensive resource for mastering challenging aerial skills through a focus on smart progressions, skill breakdowns and skill specific conditioning workouts.  Choose from on-apparatus an no-apparatus-required classes.


Live Streaming Classes

Fun group classes that focus on strength, flexibility, conditioning and aerial alignment training.

There are a lot of ways an aerialist can keep up with their training even when they don’t have access to an apparatus.

We Teach Aerial Science

you master the Art in the Air

Climb. Contort. Twist up in beautiful wraps.
That’s the art.

The smarts? Building the discipline of safe biomechanical movement, and swiftly sculpting the strength and stamina to soar…
like an aerial star.

We’re aerial educators, and we train you to apply principles of proper body alignment to every skill you learn. You’ll develop brains as much as brawn, and the result is beauty in movement.

Ready to achieve the deep satisfaction of smashing your personal ceilings, and embodying more of your power? Just show up with a willingness to build skills sequentially, and it’s all within your grip.

Get Started!

Student Showcases and Showoff Nights

Performing is empowering, fun, and a great opportunity for growth! Our Student Showcases are full length productions presented by our intermediate and higher level students. Our Showoff Nights are low-key, low stress events for advanced beginner and higher students to share recent progress with friends and family.