Personal Training

Focused training geared to your goals! Do you want to get stronger? More flexible? More fearless? Learn amazing new skills? Maybe even perform? 

Tell us your goals and we’ll help you get there, no matter where you are starting from. Focused one on one, or small group sessions, with some of the most highly experienced aerial instructors in the nation. 

No pre-requisites to get started, other than an open mind and a sense of adventure.


Aerial Video Library with a Purpose

For experienced teachers, new teachers, and serious students. Each skill in our library is it’s own mini-immersion into aerial technique. We’ll help you train your eye, make new connections, and give you a multitude of tools to solve problems before they arise in yourself or your students.

Our online library serves aerialists from around the world, and is growing larger in both content and members every day.

Upcoming Intro Series & Special Classes

Oct 2021

Intro to Aerial: Starts 10/30/21
Fly, twist, twirl, dive & spin your way into big smiles! Perfect for beginners. Sign up deadline is 10/23/2021.
Saturday, Oct. 30

Nov 2021

Nemesis November
Nemesis November, focused training to achieve that one elusive skill. Sign up deadline is 10/21/2021.
Thursday, Nov. 4

Aerial Arts

with an emphasis on Aerial Smarts

Climb. Contort. Twist up in beautiful wraps.
That’s the art.

The smarts? Building the discipline of safe biomechanical movement, and swiftly sculpting the strength and stamina to soar…
like an aerial star.

We’re aerial educators, and we train you to apply principles of proper body alignment to every skill you learn. You’ll develop brains as much as brawn, and the result is beauty in movement.

Ready to achieve the deep satisfaction of smashing your personal ceilings, and embodying more of your power? Just show up with a willingness to build skills sequentially, and it’s all within your grip.

Get Started!