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Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson Aerial Fit
Jordan discovered a love for teaching in 2004, and has dedicated herself to it ever since. Since receiving her first yoga teacher certification through Holy Cow Yoga, she has amassed over 5,000 hours of teaching time and over 10,000 hours of learning and training time. This dedication set the foundation for her aerial and acro training which began in earnest in 2005.

In 2005 Jordan and Clayton discovered acroyoga, which led to aerial yoga, which led to the higher flying aerial arts. In 2009 Jordan was part of the very first group of teachers in the world to receive her Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher certification through Michelle Dortignac, founder of the technique, and she has been teaching ever since. In that time a rich community of aerial yoga teachers has grown around the US and the world, and Jordan is thrilled to be one of the first.

Jordan has logged several thousand hours of training in the higher flying aerial arts, with her main focus being aerial silks and sling. She seeks out pioneers in the field, and has been especially influenced by her training with The New England Center for Circus Arts. She has trained regionally and internationally, seeking out anyone who inspires her with a unique approach to aerial or to the body in general. She loves teaching and is inspired by all of her students and teachers.

An introvert at heart, Jordan began performing to challenge herself in a new way and found a love for it that was surprising. She has been performing acro and aerial locally and regionally since 2008, when it was still an unknown art-form in the lowcountry. She performs regularly and has performed to crowds as small as a few dozen and as large as a few thousand. She has collaborated with local talents like Carnivalesque, Alternacirque, Theatre Marvelosa, and more. Her tireless work in this area has laid the groundwork for a rich circus scene that is just beginning to develop in Charleston. Constantly striving for innovation in the field, she is a performer with Wonderson Duo, specializing in solo and duo work on aerial silks, static trapeze, floor, and invented apparatus.

Clayton Woodson

Clayton Woodson aerial yoga instructor

Clayton has been teaching in one form or another since he was a teenager. He has taught countless numbers of children and adults to swim at a competitive level. He’s taught Microsoft Excel at a corporate level. He also taught summer school at Shuang Wen Academy, a Chinese English dual language public school in New York City. He taught yoga for many years as well. For the past 10 years he has been teaching circus arts in the Charleston area. He started teaching Acro Yoga & Acrobalance in 2006 and started teaching aerial arts in 2009.

Clayton was a high level competitive swimmer for nearly 10 years. His specialty was sprint butterfly for which he trained 3 hours a day, six days a week. He has the distinct honor of losing quite handsomely to some very impressive Olympic swimmers.

Clayton looked to yoga to rehabilitate his swimmer’s shoulders and bring a little peace and calm to his life. Yoga led to partner yoga which, in turn, led to acrobatic yoga. Discovering aerial yoga came next and from there it was only a short leap into circus arts.

Clayton’s aerial focus is in lyra (aerial hoop), static trapeze and duo aerial. His ground acrobatics focus on acro balance and handstands. In addition to teaching, Clayton also performs with Jordan Anderson using the stage name Wonderson. The duo have performed in front of tens of thousands of happy spectators in small intimate venues, theaters, sports arenas and at outdoor festivals. Clayton and Jordan founded Circus Building Entertainment as a performance company for a larger troupe that has included multiple aerial performers, acrobats, stilt walkers, magicians, side show performers and dancers.

In addition to teaching circus arts, Clayton has owned and operated an online retail business that was featured in Inc. Magazine on multiple occasions as well as National Fox Business News. At it’s peak, his company employed over 30 people.

Clayton is the Co-Founder of Aerial Fit and Circus Building Entertainment.

Anastasia Timina

Anastasia Timina
Anastasia’s movement style comes from a background in martial arts. She was first introduced to aerial at the Masters Studios in North Charleston where Clayton and Jordan used to train and teach. She was immediately captivated. At first it was a great way for her to cross-train and build upper-body and grip strength, but she quickly discovered that aerial is also a great creative outlet. Anastasia has been training with Aerial Fit since 2011 and has been performing with Circus Building Entertainment since 2013. She completed the Aerial Teacher Training Program in January of 2016 and is now working to help others discover the joy of aerial and their potential to fly.

Kelly Bratz

Kelly Bratz
After many years of studying ballet at MPSPA, Mount Pleasant School of Performing Arts, Kelly began searching for nontraditional ways to exercise. In 2010 she began attending Aerial sampler classes at Revolve Aerial Dance under the instruction of Julianna Hane. After two years of training with Julianna, Kelly began studying Lyra, Trapeze, Duo trapeze and Acro Balance at Aerial Fit. Kelly is a firm believer in cross training the body by studying different exercise practices including Cross Fit and Pole Fitness. Kelly completed her Beginner Aerial Teacher training in 2016 and incorporates the skills learned in these other practices in her classes. She also performs duo acts with Lindsey Morgan under the stage name IncrediBelles. You can contact Circus Building Entertainment for bookings.

Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan

From competitive gymnastics and collegiate dance, to degrees in exercise science and physical therapy, Lindsey has a strong background in human movement. When she discovered aerial silks in 2012, she quickly fell in love with the circus arts, venturing into acro balance and trapeze soon after. Lindsey has completed Aerial Fit’s 60+hr Teacher Training Program, and is excited to inspire others to find the joy in moving their bodies in new and creative ways!

Desiree Meany

Desiree Meany

As a self-taught recreational dancer and artist, Desiree was inspired to pursue fitness through creative movement. Beginning with training at Buttercup Pole Dance in Tampa, FL, she moved to Charleston in 2014 and discovered her second home at Aerial Fit. What started as a fun and empowering workout quickly became a full time artistic passion. Desiree works on a variety of apparatuses and loves to balance her time in the air with handstands and creative floorwork. Desiree believes in the magic of mastering the basics and delighting in the details. She hopes to help her students build a solid foundation of strength and skills to confidently discover their inner circus artists.

Christine Rawls

Christine Rawls

Christine grew up in Lexington SC and moved to Charleston in 2011 to attend the College of Charleston. While studying for her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Christine discovered aerial as a way to build strength. She has always been naturally flexible, and has had to work very hard to balance out her natural flexibility with strength. Her movement background before aerial included years of sprint and open water swimming, which unfortunately resulted in a shoulder surgery that aerial has helped her to recover from. Christine’s favorite apparatus is aerial silks, and she is excited to share her passion with others. Her motivation is to help her students feel happy and empowered, as she has with her own aerial practice.

Jennifer Titche

Jennifer Titche

Jennifer’s parents have been calling her a monkey for as long as she can remember, because she’s always loved to climb and tumble. As a child she took gymnastics classes for many years, and is now living out her gymnastics dreams through aerial arts. Jennifer tried her first aerial class as a way of cross training long distance running and she has never looked back. While she loves to train on all of the aerial apparatuses (and partner acro, and handstands, and cyr wheel), there is a special spot in her heart for the lyra. As a teacher, she is absolutely thrilled to be sharing her passion for aerial with her students.

Doryjane Birrer

Doryjane Birrer

Doryjane came to Charleston via the Pacific Northwest, where she’d long fed her love of movement by running and mountain biking her way through the streets of Seattle, the mountains of British Columbia, and the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse. She turned to yoga in 2002, seeking mind-body integration and tranquility to help sustain her in her career as a professor. Drawn by yoga’s philosophical, scientific, and spiritual dimensions as well as its physiological effects, she certified as a Universal Yoga teacher in 2008 on retreat under master teacher Andrey Lappa. She’s been teaching yoga ever since—even integrating its practices into one of her college courses.

Remembering the glee she felt when noodling around on aerial fabric with Jordan and Clayton in their early days, Doryjane added the aerial arts to her yoga practice and physical therapy regimen when working to bounce back from a period of illness and injury. As someone who faces long-term physical challenges, Doryjane deeply appreciates the way her aerial practice helps to strengthen, stabilize, and integrate her neuromuscular system; develop newly functional sensorimotor patterns; and test, adapt to, and expand her limits. But with the appreciation comes that glee: she gets to do all this profound body work while also playing at the boundaries of creative human movement. In the circus realm, she especially loves trapeze and Lyra, where she indulges her twin joys of spinning and turning upside down, and revels in the paradox of finding freedom and flexibility in a relationship with solid steel.

Closer to the ground, Doryjane has found in aerial yoga a strong complement to her floor practice, as well as an amazing practice in and of itself. At first concerned that the yoga hammock might be a gimmick for “tricks,” she quickly discovered that it becomes a true partner in a yogic dance with gravity, fostering new modes of dynamic stabilization and powerful energetic experiences flowering from sound yogic principles. Her itch to learn more about aerial yoga’s possibilities led her to certify as an Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher through Jordan’s intensive program at Aerial Fit. Doryjane is eager to help students develop strength, stability, and mobility, as well as to explore new forms of embodied experience that can translate into creative new ways of being-in-the-world.

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