Aerial Fit Needs Your Help

We never thought we would find ourselves in this sort of situation. Aerial Fit and the Aerial Fit owners Jordan and Clayton need your support. Aerial Fit is everything to us. We often refer to it as our baby and have put everything we have into it for the past 11 years.

We are so proud of the community of amazing people who have developed amazing skills and strengths at Aerial Fit. If Aerial Fit has made a difference in your life then we’re asking for your help during these very tough times.

Aerial Fit is very hands on and also our only source of income and unfortunately, the business and the owners have now been reduced to zero income. We need your help and support, but we don’t want to ask for it for nothing in return for you.

Here is what we have been working on these past few days:

  1. We have already been planning and setting up Aerial Fit Online, an in-depth instructional video resource. This was originally a long term plan for 2020, but we have switched it into high gear. These instructional resources are aerial skill specific. We will be offering classes that can be done at home, and other classes that are on apparatus. There are already classes up and available there, go check them out!
  2. Live online classes to stay connected with your aerial friends and stay in shape so we can come back strong and ready to fly once this crisis has passed. These classes will be fun, group classes that you can do at home offered several times a week. Classes will start on Monday 3/23/20. This is Clayton’s birthday. Come online and wish him “Happy Birthday” in class.
  3. Private Lesson and Rig point Rentals is something that we want to offer again as soon as we can, however, we take the risk of COVID-19 very seriously and will not put anyone at risk. At the moment these options are on hiatus and we will start offering these options again when it seems safe and wise to do so.

What we have done with your regular class membership:

We decided the simplest thing to do and easiest to keep track of as the COVID-19 situation keeps changing is to freeze all current memberships. Ouch!

Your passes will be there waiting for you when we reopen. You will pick up right where we left off hopefully sooner than later. This is contrary to a somewhat recent message we sent out to some of you. Our apologies for a change in our plan. Freezing all memberships does mean that Aerial Fit has absolutely zero income coming in right now.

Here is how you can help us:

We are offering new memberships, classes, and other opportunities to stay involved. We have decided to break these memberships into smaller ala carte options as nobody knows how the next few weeks and months will unfold. This will allow us to respond more quickly and consistently to any changes ahead of us. We hope that you will also feel like you have more control of your options going forward.

Live Online Classes

These classes will be fun and general aerial fitness and flexibility classes you can do along with us at home without an aerial apparatus.

Curated Skill Specific Classes

These online courses will be aerial skill specific. Some classes can be done at home and others require access to an apparatus.


Pandemic Memberships

Please consider purchasing one of these memberships to stay in shape, stay in touch and help ensure that Aerial Fit makes it through these uncertain times.

Aerial FitWarrior
  • 20% Off Live Online Classes
  • 20% Off Aerial Fit Online content
  • 20% Off Private Lessons
  • 20% Off Rig Point Rentals
  • 20% Off Live Online Classes
  • Access to Aerial Fit Online content
  • Access to Private Lessons
  • Access to Rig Point Rentals
  • 10% Off Live Online Classes
  • Access to Aerial Fit Online content
  • Access to Private Lessons
  • Access to Rig Point Rentals
$20per class
  • -
  • Access to Aerial Fit Online
  • Access to Private Lessons
  • Access to Rig Point Rentals

Want to help ensure Aerial Fit is there for you once this pandemic passes, but not really interested in online instruction?

Here are other ways you can help:

  • Purchase a gift card for later use. Click the link and choose your value. If it is for your self then just fill in the to and from fields with your own name. Or email us the amount and we’ll set it up in your MindBody account. The gift card will be ready and waiting for you when classes return.
  • Make a donation. Click the link and choose your value. Don’t see the value you were thinking of? You can add multiple smaller donations to get to that perfect sweet spot. Or email us the amount and we’ll set it up in your MindBody account.

We appreciate you all so much and even though it’s only been a week we truly miss seeing each of you in the air. We hope this downtime doesn’t last too long and our top goal is to help you stay in aerial shape and be ready to fly again as soon as we can.

Stay healthy and sane!

Jordan & Clayton