Aerial and Circus Arts Classes in Charleston SC.

Aerial Sequencing Classes

Aerial Sequencing Classes

Aerial Sequencing Classes

Move more freely and express yourself!

Learning to link moves, discover transitions, and stay in the air longer is a great way to advance your practice. Sequencing classes are for the experienced beginner and up, and in these classes you’ll learn specific sequences and transitions that can make up a short routine. Check each class for specific pre-requisites, and come often to get the most out of the class!
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Aerial Fit® classes are just 5 minutes from downtown Charleston.

1045 5th Ave, Unit A
Charleston, SC 29407

Just off St. Andrew's Blvd, across the street from Hocus Pocus, and behind the Taco Bell.


We provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

What Students are Saying

“I’m doing things I never imagined!”

Desiree M

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