Aerial Fit® Teacher Training

Aerial Arts with a focus on Aerial Smarts

Becoming a great aerial instructor requires a journey not for the faint of heart. It requires focus, curiosity, thoughtfulness, persistence, observation skills, and more qualities, but all of these can be developed and trained.

We love teaching and sharing our passion with others. Our teacher training program gives new and existing aerial instructors tools to build great aerial habits in their students right from day 1. Our program is divided into three separate parts. Each part is presented over a period of time so that the information can be absorbed and practiced and ready to be built on.


This 15 hour program is for anyone interested in teaching or learning more about their own progressions. It’s also a prerequisite to entering Part 2 of our program, and application is open to anyone at or above Level 2 at Aerial Fit. (Visiting aerialists should contact us for more info).

In this program we’ll explore a variety of topics that will help serious aerial students learn to observe, coach, and critique themselves. Topics include but are not limited to: Aerial Anatomy, Aerial History and Current Events, Teaching Philosophy, the theory and philosophy behind Physical Fundamentals including climbs, inversions, and more, Warm-Up and Cool Down exercises including pre-hab and Aerial Specific Conditioning exercises, Problem Solving, Understanding Where Skills Lead, and Rigging Basics.

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AERIAL FABRIC LEVEL 1 (Silks and Sling) – 40 hours
AERIAL STEEL LEVEL 1 (Lyra and Trapeze) – 40 hours

This 40 hour program is where we dive into the meat of the training, and explore Aerial Fit’s Level 1 and early Level 2 curriculum in detail. It’s for students training to become aerial instructors or assistant instructors, or current aerial instructors looking for more education and tools to help their students.

We will explore apparatus specific cueing and spotting, learn where skills lead and how to know when to progress a student, and dive into a large variety of specific skills included in our Level 1 and early Level 2 curriculum. In these units you will learn to observe, learn to spot, learn to command attention, learn to put together a class plan including progressions and regressions for a variety of students, and you’ll practice teaching, spotting, and developing class plans with fellow trainees.

Not only will you learn to teach the Aerial Fit Curriculum, you will learn to accurately observe students to quickly understand the issue they are having and you will learn how to problem solve for each student’s issues. The core of our training is understanding progressions (and regressions) including how to make them fun and appealing, and understanding how to break skills down in a variety of ways.

This program includes a full color manual of the skills in our curriculum. You will also be expected to purchase and read Aerial Anatomy by Emily Scherb.

Entrance into this program is by application. For those not currently students of Aerial Fit, we require a video submission as well.

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No single training program can replicate real world experience. Part 1 and Part 2 of the program will get you started, and Part 3 is where you’ll become an effective aerial instructor or assistant, refine your teaching, and continue to grow as an instructor. Part 3 is a mentoring program where you will observe and discuss real world aerial classes, assist teach with primary instructors, and lead teach with feedback from experienced instructors. This program includes assistance with class preparation, and after class discussion. Successful completion of this program will earn you an Aerial Fit® Teaching Certificate.

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