Fingerless gloves for aerial straps

Aerial straps is a fun and stunning apparatus. We have heard of straps being referred to as the ballet of aerial arts. Proper technique, strength in the right places and timing are all super important. And just like ballet is notorious for being tough on the feet, straps is notorious for being tough on the wrist skin.

Wrist Wraps and skin tolerance

If you intend on training on straps regularly then you are going to be better off developing the tolerance for the wrist wraps with consistent practice. The skin will toughen naturally over time and the straps will become less bothersome. Just like many things in circus it gets much easier when approached in small doses.

But what about taking your first workshop or class? Don’t worry, your instructor knows straps can be intense and they will give you tips and tricks to protect your wrists from chafing.

Fingerless gloves, a temporary solution

If you are brand new to aerial straps and you want to make the most of your first class or workshop then you might want to consider making fingerless gloves to protect your skin. Store bought gloves aren’t necessary. You can make your own! There are even several no-sew options available. So all you need is a pair of old tube socks and scissors. Pro tip: use clean socks.

You can do your own online search for “DIY fingerless gloves” or something similar. Here are a few ones we found. How to make fingerless gloves from old socks Socks Into Fingerless Gloves

If you’d rather watch a video, here are instructions for no-sew fingerless gloves.