Friday Fly Day Special Offer

20% Off our Friday Classes!

To commemorate our new Friday classes we are offering a limited time discount on them. Pay only $18 per class when you purchase the Friday Fly Day 4 Class Pass. Click here to purchase this special offer.

Aerial classes on Friday


5:00 PM – Silks and Slings Beginner Sequencing
This class is appropriate for students with a little previous experience. Learn how to connect beginner skills into a fun, short sequence.

6:00PM – Trapeze & Lyra Sequencing –  Level 1/2
This class is appropriate for students who have passed our level 1/2 test for trapeze or lyra. Take your skills up a notch by developing new ways to connect familiar poses.

6:00PM – Aerial Slings & Silks – Beginner
This class is appropriate for absolute beginners and beginner students getting ready to take the level up test. Learn the basics of Aerial Sling and Silks, build strength and make new friends.

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