Getting Started at Aerial Fit®

It’s easy to get started!

One of the most common things we hear from new students is about how nervous they were before their first class and how silly they felt for being nervous after their first class. No need to worry. We’re going to have fun and you’re going to be awesome. 

It might feel intimidating to walk into an aerial studio as a beginner, but we love beginners and our dedicated training staff will take great care of you. You’ll be welcomed when you walk in and we’ll be right there with you the whole time. Here are a few other things to expect.


Aerial Fit shows up correctly in map apps. Our road is a small, very residential-looking road and sometimes people second guess the directions. We are in a steel warehouse building on a very pretty little road. We have free parking available. We do share the building with an ambulance transport company. Don’t get worried if you see ambulances in the parking lot.


We have a few requirements for safety and some suggestions for your comfort.

  • Wear comfortable form-fitting clothing that covers the armpits, waist, and back of the knees. This protects you from fabric burns and protects the apparatus from sweat.
  • Wear layers because we sometimes have a large roll-up door open. When the roll-up door is closed (the coldest days, or hottest most humid days), we have air purifiers and climate control running instead.
  • Don’t wear clothing with zippers, sequins, or other sharp edges. These can damage the apparatuses.
  • Don’t wear jewelry on your hands, wrists, toes, or feet. Sharp edges can put holes in the fabric and some of the apparatuses can damage your jewelry.
  • Be sure to bring a full water bottle with you, with a lid that closes. 


All of our students are required to sign waivers before participating in class. We highly recommend completing the waivers online before you arrive for your first class.

Sign our waivers


Health & Safety First! We follow CDC guidelines and our policies update to match their guidelines.

See our current guidelines on COVID and Illnesses.