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Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Aerial Silks

To celebrate the end of the year holidays, we’ll be having all of our regular classes as usual up until Christmas Eve, when we move to a reduced holiday schedule. If no level is listed in the class below, it mean anyone can come!

12/24 – 12/25:

Tuesday 12/26:
6:00pm Aerial Hoop
7:00pm Aerial Silks & Slings

Wednesday 12/27:
6:00pm Aerial Silks & Slings
7:00pm Open Practice (level 1/2 and up)

Thursday 12/28:
6:00pm Trapeze
7:00pm Aerial Silks, Slings, (& maybe Rope)

Friday 12/29:

Saturday 12/30:
10:00am Aerial Yoga
11:15am Aerial Silks & Slings – Beginner
11:15am Handstands
12:15pm Open Practice (level 1/2 and up)

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:


Aerial Fit® classes are just 5 minutes from downtown Charleston.

1045 5th Ave, Unit A
Charleston, SC 29407

Just off St. Andrew's Blvd, across the street from Hocus Pocus, and behind the Taco Bell.


We provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

What Students are Saying

“I’m doing things I never imagined!”

Desiree M

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