How to use the Skill Sheets

Aerial Fit Skill Sheets

Our Skill Sheets are a great way to track your progress through each level, on each aerial apparatus. If you’ve been coming to a class regularly, with a membership, you’ve probably received a Skill Sheet (if not, ask your instructor). Here are some tips on how to make the best use of them!

  • Check off the “Learned” box to keep track of the skills you’ve covered in class.
  • Check off the “Progressing” box to keep track of the skills you’ve practiced enough in class to feel comfortable working on on your own if you come to Member Training Time.
  • Consult your list when you’re working on developing a sequence for choreography, organizing your training notes, or setting goals for yourself.


  • Mastering a skill means you can’t get it wrong! It means you understand it physically and mentally, and can complete the skill without verbal prompts or spotting, on both sides of the body. It’s a skill you can complete even on a bad day.
  • Feel free to check the box on skills you feel you’ve mastered. These are skills you could use in choreography, and skills you’re ready to build on.
  • Skills that have a STAR next to them require an instructor’s signature to sign off on mastery, if you’re trying to level up to the next level. Ask your instructor to sign off on these either during class, in Member Training Time, or in private or semi-private lessons. Don’t be shy about asking us…we’ll either agree it’s been mastered or let you know why it hasn’t yet.


  • Once all of the STARRED skills have been signed off on by your instructor, put together a Level Up sequence to show us. This sequence should demonstrate a broad mastery of material beyond just the starred skills. Requirements for the Level Up Sequence can be found in the “Level Up Requirements” Binder, right next to the “Skill Sheets” Storage Binder on the cubbies.

Make sense? Our hope is for the skill sheets to be useful and fun, to keep everyone learning new fun material that they can be successful with. Ask us any questions, and keep flying high!