Inside Aerial Fit: Circus Workout

We’re hard at work creating a short video series that gives a glimpse inside Aerial Fit. We often get questions about our aerial classes, and these videos will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in each class we offer. The second in the series is Circus Workout.

Circus Workout is a fun and different way to improve strength and flexibility all with a taste of adventure. This class isn’t just for aerialists, acrobats or physical performers. Anyone can get long-lasting benefits from a circus workout. This workout targets more than the upper body. It’s going to strengthen the full body, legs, core, back and arms.

Classes alternate between ground exercises and exercises on the aerial apparatuses. Although every class is different, you can expect to work with aerial silks, trapeze, sling and aerial hoop. You’ll build strength quickly by working with your body weight on and off the ground.

There is no aerial or circus experience needed to take your first class. We recommend a weekly practice, either in conjunction with, or without, our other aerial skills focused classes. Please show up at least 10 minutes early for your first class. Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing that covers the armpits and knees, and remove all jewelry from your arms, hands and fingers. Get Circus Strong at

Thanks to Angela, Kelly, Danielle, Lindsey, Christine, and Anastasia for taking part!