Doryjane Birrer

Doryjane came to Charleston via the Pacific Northwest, where she’d long fed her love of movement by running and mountain biking her way through the streets of Seattle, the mountains of British Columbia, and the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse. She turned to yoga in 2002, seeking mind-body integration and tranquility to help sustain her in her career as a professor. Drawn by yoga’s philosophical, scientific, and spiritual dimensions as well as its physiological effects, she certified as a Universal Yoga teacher in 2008 on retreat under master teacher Andrey Lappa. She’s been teaching yoga ever since—even integrating its practices into one of her college courses.

Remembering the glee she felt when noodling around on aerial fabric with Jordan and Clayton in their early days, Doryjane added the aerial arts to her yoga practice and physical therapy regimen when working to bounce back from a period of illness and injury. As someone who faces long-term physical challenges, Doryjane deeply appreciates the way her aerial practice helps to strengthen, stabilize, and integrate her neuromuscular system; develop newly functional sensorimotor patterns; and test, adapt to, and expand her limits. But with the appreciation comes that glee: she gets to do all this profound body work while also playing at the boundaries of creative human movement. In the circus realm, she especially loves trapeze and Lyra, where she indulges her twin joys of spinning and turning upside down, and revels in the paradox of finding freedom and flexibility in a relationship with solid steel.

Closer to the ground, Doryjane has found in aerial yoga a strong complement to her floor practice, as well as an amazing practice in and of itself. At first concerned that the yoga hammock might be a gimmick for “tricks,” she quickly discovered that it becomes a true partner in a yogic dance with gravity, fostering new modes of dynamic stabilization and powerful energetic experiences flowering from sound yogic principles. Her itch to learn more about aerial yoga’s possibilities led her to certify as an Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher through Jordan’s intensive program at Aerial Fit. Doryjane is eager to help students develop strength, stability, and mobility, as well as to explore new forms of embodied experience that can translate into creative new ways of being-in-the-world.

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