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Intro Series

Intro to Aerial Series

Intro to Aerial is a great way for beginners to start an aerial practice. This 10 week series introduces beginners to the four most common aerial circus apparatuses. This includes the Aerial Sling, Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze and Aerial Hoop. These classes are perfect for absolute beginners or students who want a chance to explore different apparatuses. Each class builds progressively on information learned from the previous week and by the end of the series each student will be able to link a short sequence of poses. Cost: $200 for the 10 week series

Intro to Aerial Series for Beginners
Fridays at 5:30PM starting 6/15/18
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Mondays at 6:00 PM starting 7/9/18
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Tuesdays at 7:00 PM starting 8/7/18
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Charleston’s only dedicated circus space.

Aerial Fit door opened on a beautiful day.
Inside look at Aerial Fit


Our Mission.

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Our mission is to provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

We believe anyone can benefit from circus arts. We offer a wide range of classes including low aerial classes like aerial yoga, and classes that take students higher including aerial silks, aerial hoop, and static trapeze. We strive to offer something for everyone who is curious about aerial arts.

Safety is paramount in aerial arts and we take it very seriously! We have an industry standard insurance policy that requires full safety compliance. We use only the highest quality gear that has undergone strict safety testing, and we inspect our gear on a regular basis. We keep our class sizes small so that all students will have the personal attention and spotting they need to safely progress.

Circus arts make the impossible possible! We provide a safe, professional atmosphere so that students can focus on their training and on having fun.


The four main aerial apparatuses.

Aerial Silks: This is the most popular apparatus made famous by Cirque Du Soleil performers. Two flowy pieces of fabric can be wrapped around the body creating the potential for dramatic poses and thrilling dynamic moves. This apparatus is also called Aerial Fabric.
Aerial Sling: This is the same material is as aerial fabric, but it is hung so that it makes a hammock shape. The apparatus can be used with the material collected like a fabric swing or opened up like a hammock. This apparatus is also called Aerial Hammock.
Static Trapeze: This is one of the most classic and traditional aerial apparatuses. A steel bar is hung from two strong ropes allowing the performer to hang or sit on the bar or play in the ropes. This apparatus is also called Dance Trapeze.
Lyra: This steel hoop comes in many sizes. Performers can hang, roll and slide underneath, inside and above this dynamic apparatus. Lyra is a great for people who love to spin. This apparatus is also called Aerial Hoop.


Aerial Fit® classes are just 5 minutes from downtown Charleston.

1045 5th Ave, Unit A
Charleston, SC 29407

Just off St. Andrew's Blvd, across the street from Hocus Pocus, and behind the Taco Bell.


We provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

What Students are Saying

“I had so much fun in your class and thank you for opening the door to yoga and aerial yoga for me. It has really changed my life and I am very grateful.”

Lacey A

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