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Charleston City Paper

Charleston City Paper

“I Tried the Aerial Arts and You Should Too”

July 2017

“I certainly felt stronger — and sore — after aerial slings class, nursing mysterious bruises on my thighs and arms. I also felt pretty damn powerful, like maybe, one day, even if it required all the control and power my body had, I, too, could make flying look effortless.”   Full article

Post & Courier

Become an

“Charleston TEDx brings inspiration, performers to Music Hall”

April 2015

“…and the Wonderson Duo, who performed an aerial routine where they moved in the air only using each other and a couple of lengthy strips of fabric that hung down from above.”   Full article

Community, Health & Wellness

Become an

“Become an “Aerhead” for Health”

March 2015

“During Aerial Yoga, I felt weightless and no longer bound by gravity, which ironically created the space that I needed at that time to feel more grounded and stable. Is this reaction typical, and if so, why is it that being lifted can help participants feel more grounded, both physically and emotionally?”   Full Q + A

Glamour Magazine

Glamour Aerial Yoga

“The 8 Best Workout Classes You Haven’t Tried (but Should)”

May 2014

“Take traditional yoga poses to new heights in Unnata’s Aerial Yoga classes, offered at locations across the country. The group classes allow students to wrap themselves in ceiling-mounted silks—think less Cirque du Soleil, more silk hammock—to improve flexibility, strength, and alignment.”   Full article

Post & Courier

Acrobat to perform with symphony, conduct aerial fitness workshop

“Acrobat to perform with symphony, conduct aerial fitness workshop”

January 2015

“You’ll be hard pressed to find a fitness regime that works your muscles and core better than aerial fitness. It’s an entire body workout that gives increased strength and flexibility results quickly…It exercises your body, creativity, coordination, balance and so much more. And for me, as a woman, I love the fact that when I do it, I feel both strong and feminine at once.”   Full article

Art Mag

Artist Profile in Art Mag

“Artist Profile”

Summer 2014

“You can now live out your wildest dreams of being a circus aerialist without quitting your day job, and you have Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson to thank for that.”   Full article (pdf format)

John Arthur Photography

Flying High with Aerial Fit

“Flying High with Aerial Fit”

May 2014

“I also want to thank Clayton and Jordan from Aerial Fit in Charleston for letting us come in, spend time with them, and the opportunity to get some amazing shots of them performing. Really quite spectacular to see them in action.”   Full post

Charleston Magazine

Charleston Magazine

“Join the Circus”

January 2014

““Aerial arts put you in amazing shape and engage your mind, leaving you brave and empowered,” says Anderson. Sounds like the perfect way to meet those New Year’s goals sans treadmill.”   Full article

Post & Courier

Post & Courier cover

“Don’t get stuck in same fitness resolution rut: 12 ideas for the new year”

January 2014

“Want something entirely different from running, the gym scene crossfit or event yoga?
Try the 12-week “Intro to Aerials” at Aerial Fit’s Circus Building, starting at 7 p.m. Jan. 7. It’s great for anyone who is tired of the gym or wants to find a new way to stay in shape and meet new friends.”
   Full article

NON’PA*REIL Photography

Strength and Beauty in the Air

“Strength and Beauty in the Air”

February 2014

“There is strength and beauty floating in the air. Literally.”   Full post

Official Magazine of the South Carolina International Pageant

High Flying Fitness

“High Flying Fitness”

Spring 2014

“Jordan and Clayton’s dedication to performing arts and intense training laid the groundwork for a rich circus scene that is still just beginning to gain popularity in Charleston, but it is the involvement of adventurous people, maybe even you, that will sustain the culture for years to come.”   Full article (pdf format)

Aerial Journal

Aerial Journal

“Expressive Aerialist workshop with Rain Anya”

November 2013

“One Sunday in October, I drove to Charleston to take a workshop with aerial theatre performer Rain Anya…”   Full article

Charlie Magazine

Charlie cover

“Frequent Flyers”

Summer 2013

“Walking into the new Circus Building triggers childhood memories of owning that playground. Hoops, silks, and trapeze hang from the 25-foot ceilings like dangling toys begging you to come play. Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson just opened the first ever dedicated aerial arts space in Charleston.”   Full article

Art Mag

Art Mag cover

“Artist Profile: The Wonderson Duo”

Summer 2013

“First came the aerial skills, then the characters and sparkly costumes, then the more complicated acts like those utilizing hoops and trapezes. They are opening Charleston’s first dedicated Circus School this summer! Try something new! The beginner classes are a lot of fun as students experience the exhilarating feeling of being in the air for the first time.”   Full article (pdf format)

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

“Aerial Yoga Lets More Yogis Fly”

August 2012

“From inversions to arm balances, yoga offers many ways to defy gravity…And while it might seem more daunting to try these poses from a waist high silk hammock, aerial yoga devotees say it makes challenging poses accessible, safer–and more fun, too.”   Full article

American Fitness

American Fitness Magazine cover

“Unnata Aerial Yoga”

May/June 2012

“The class was originally designed for beginners to experience the unique sensations that aerial silks provide…and the class itself is very balancing, relaxing, and mentally challenging just like any other yoga class.”   Full article (pdf format)

Charleston Grit

Charleston Grit

“Is Charleston a Good Place for Serious Yoga? I’ll Tell You…”

June 2013

“Aerial Yoga? We’ve got that, too. In fact there’s a new studio dedicated to this art opening in West Ashley in July. (Hooray!)”   Full article

Charleston Magazine

Charleston Magazine cover

“Performance Review”

June 2011

“They stepped forward as two massive lengths of cloth uncoiled from the ceiling, and each respectively treated the crowd to what can only be described as mesmerizing, gravity-defying feats of athleticism….”    Full article

Charleston City Paper

Best of Charleston City Paper cover

“Best Place to Hang from a String”

Best of Charleston 2010

“Although there are dozens of yoga studios around town, nothing is quite like aerial yoga…”    Full article

Downdog Review

Downdog Review cover

“Aerial Fit Review”

October 2011

“I don’t want to ruin it for you, but just a couple of spoilers: downward facing dog and corpse pose feel spectacular in the trapeze. The former is a killer back release and the latter is something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, just hanging out like a fairy in some treetop hammock.”    Full article

Skirt Magazine

Skirt Magazine cover

“She’s So Skirt”

September 2010

“How does it feel to fly? ‘It’s empowering, and really, really fun. It makes me a little giddy.’”   Full article

Oblique Magazine

Oblique Magazine cover

“Uplift your Body and Mind with Aerial Yoga”

May/June 2010

“It looks a little like circus, feels a little like hanging from a jungle gym, and tends to elicit a chorus of ‘aaahs’ instead of ‘oms’. Aerial Yoga is the lighthearted side of yoga…but it is also a powerful learning tool for proper alignment and energy flow.”   Full article (pdf format)

Yoga Addicted

Yoga Addicted cover

“Aerial Yoga!”

November 2010

“Pure Awesome-ness! This is Aerial Yoga, an amazing form of yoga developed by a yoga teacher/aerialist that combines floor exercise with the sling to maximize decompression, alignment and strength.”    Full article

Post & Courier

Post & Courier cover

“Local Aerial Yoga Expands Offerings”

January 2010

“Response from students to the aerial yoga classes has been very exciting,” says Anderson. “Students of all ages and abilities come to class and leave feeling more spacious, relaxed, and free in their bodies.'”   Full article

Charleston City Paper

Charleston City Paper cover

“Falling Head Over Heels In Love with Aerial Yoga”

October 2009

“I enjoyed it more than any other yoga class I’ve taken. Don’t expect me to follow every sentence with “namaste,” but now I can proudly say that I’m a believer. So grab a friend, preferably a cranky anti-yoga person like me, and watch them lose all their cynicism while hanging upside down.”   Full article

Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun cover

“Yoga…In the Air?”

February 2012

“Jordan, who has practiced aerial yoga for five years, said it has helped her build up the strength to heal old fitness injuries and be able to do pull-ups. ‘Aerial yoga has been incredibly empowering and therapeutic at the same time. I feel that it has really brought my body into balance.’”   Full article

Charleston Yoga Examiner

Charleston Yoga Examiner cover

“Aerial Yoga Takes Flight in Charleston”

April 2010

“It starts with easing students into the mindset that doing something new is beneficial for your body, mind and soul. Rather than continuing on our daily path of rituals that can keep us so mundanely satisfied step into the parachute silk and let your imagination run wild.”    Full article

Post & Courier

Post & Courier cover

“Catch Some Air”

October 2009

“It looks like Cirque du Soleil meets yoga, but it certainly doesn’t require the acrobatic athleticism of a circus performer, or even that one be a seasoned yogi, to get the hang of it.”   Full article

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Aerial Fit® classes are just 5 minutes from downtown Charleston.

1045 5th Ave, Unit A
Charleston, SC 29407

Just off St. Andrew's Blvd, across the street from Hocus Pocus, and behind the Taco Bell.


We provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

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“I enjoy having a workout that challenges my muscles and my mind.”

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