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Slow down, take the time to acknowledge progress

We are really busy…yay!  You are busy. I know that our students are really busy too. We are so focused on where we want to be tomorrow that we sometimes don’t take the time to acknowledge how far we have come today. Everyday we see our students make so much progress. We have students in our mixed levels lyra (aka Aerial Hoop) class who couldn’t hang from the lyra without their grip slipping when they first started. Now they are effortlessly pulling themselves up and on to the lyra. Pulling oneself to a seated position from a long straight arm hang is quite an accomplishment. Somewhere in our sedentary lifestyle, so many of us, both men and women, lost the ability to do this seemingly simple physical act of a pull up. As kids we climbed trees effortlessly, but as adults we find the action of a pull up or even just hanging from our arms humbling or worse demoralizing. Being able to pull oneself up is a great example of functional strength. Circus Arts and Aerial Yoga are a great way to build functional strength including learning a pullup. While the elite performers fly 40 feet through the air,

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Aerial Fit Instructors Performing at Threshold Rep Theater

Carnivalesque is back with their full-length show! And not only one–but two! Ladies and gents, you will have two chances to catch this show; there will be showings at 8pm and 10:30pm. The usual troupe of motley characters will present their dazzling acts in an ode to old vaudeville. Join us for a night of dark magic, breathtaking beauties, fabulous feats, and out of this world oddities…we promise to show you an evening you will never forget. Click here to learn more or here to get tickets.

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Aerial Strength & Flexibility & Family History

The Aerial Strength & Flexibility classes are off to a great  and historic start. In our first class we had a new student with the same last name and family history as Aerial Fit instructor and Circus Building Co-Founder, Clayton Woodson. Turns out while these two have never met, they had heard all of the same family lore and stories. While the Strength & Flexibility class focused on whole body strength exercises and active flexibility stretches, we heard stories about Jessie Woodson James (yup, the gun slinging Jessie James) and the first Woodsons in the new land. John Woodson arrived in the 1700’s with his wife and two sons. The family home was attacked by Indians and John was forced to hide one son in a wash basin and the other in a potato sack. The two sons survived the attack and so the family lore goes, you are either a potato sack Woodson or a wash basin Woodson. At the very least, it makes for a good story. Come check out our newest class Aerial Strength & Flexibility. These classes can be great addition to an existing aerial practice, or a nice way to ease into one. Low classes

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Rain Anya Weekend Workshops

We are so excited to host Rain Anya for a weekend of workshops in Charleston, SC! We are expected to fill up, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. Read on for details… Paper Doll Militia presents: Workshops with Rain Anya at Aerial Fit in Charleston, SC Saturday, October 5th – Sunday, October 6th Form and Function Saturday, 10/5, 10am – 12pm Designed for all levels, this workshop approaches fundamentals of aerials with an obsessive-like attention to detail, otherwise known as “dorking out” on precise body awareness, foundational skill progressions, strength building techniques, and injury prevention. The Fabric Brain Saturday, 10/5, 1:30pm – 3pm Making connections between the foundational wraps to create a well rounded understanding of the way vertical apparatus works, we will ask “why” does this trick work, “what” makes it work, and “how” can we apply that to other ways of moving on this apparatus. The Expressive Aerialist Sunday, 10/6, 10am – 12pm A performative based workshop exploring the expressive nature of aerials using improvisation, physical theatre, musicality, character, and exercises in stage presence. This workshop is for students who feel comfortable on an apparatus enough that they can explore beyond the tricks. Handstands! Sunday,

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Aerial Fit on ABC News

Aerial Fit was mentioned on ABC, Channel 4 news in Charleston on Tuesday night. Great little story about the emerging trend in aerial fitness. We’re getting lots of phone calls for our aerial yoga classes. These classes are great for beginners as well as our FUNdamentals classes that are starting this week. If you missed us on the news, keep an eye out for Lowcountry Live visit this fall.

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