COVID-19 Phase 2 Poll

There has been a lot of very important news occupying our minds these days. It is completely reasonable to have missed the recent data on the current status of COVID-19 in South Carolina.

COVID-19 in South Carolina as of 6/5/20

[sources: Reported Cases Per Day, Reported Deaths Per Day, Hosipital Bed Occupancy]


  • As we plan our Phase 2 reopening, we want to listen to what you are thinking about the current status of COVID-19.

    Please take a moment to share your thoughts and include your voice in our reopening plans.

  • How is COVID affecting you?

    We've chatted with a good number of students. Everyone seems to be affected a little bit differently. Tell us how you have been impacted by COVID-19.

  • Check all that apply.
  • Are you ready to come back to classes at Aerial Fit?

    We know how important getting back to your aerial training is. Tell us what you are considering in your decision when it is time to come back.

  • The top of the list (first) is most important to you.
    • Small classes.
    • No shared equipment.
    • In class social distancing.
    • Wearing masks during class.
    • Having access to more classes.
    • Keeping class prices down.
  • The apparatus would be owned, stored, and inspected by Aerial Fit.
  • For example, committing and paying for a class that meets at the same day and time for 8 weeks.
  • Payment plans will be offered for the longer series.
  • Check all that apply.
  • Has your schedule changed recently because of COVID-19?

    Some students have found themselves with an entirely different schedule. Tell us about your availability.

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  • Check all that apply.
  • How do you feel about online classes?

    We think future interruptions in our scheduling due to COVID-19 or other similar scenarios are likely if not certain. Tell us what you think about online classes.

  • Please check all that apply.
  • Please tell us anything that you find annoying or challenging about taking online fitness classes.
  • Are you interested in either a Summer Intensive or Choreography Creation Program?

    These have been two of our most popular programs and we have some ideas on how to offer them with a combination of in-person and online classes.

  • To keep the intensity level up with more limited in-person opportunities, we are going to need to train your aerial based strength and flexibility at home too.
  • We don't have a plan yet for public performances, but we do have some ideas for online performances.
  • Thank you. Understanding your experiences and listening to your suggestions will help us plan our next steps in re-opening Aerial Fit.

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