Q and A with Christine Van Loo at Aerial Fit

We recently hosted a fun weekend with Christine Van Loo, an aerialist currently performing with Cirque de la Symphonie. We had her in for a bunch of private and small group lessons, and a “Performance Perfection” workshop for our choreography students and regional performers. We also hosted a Meet and Greet to learn more about her life as a traveling performer, and she had lots of great stories to share with us that we wanted to share with you!

Christine has been performing full-time since the mid-90’s. She travels almost every weekend to perform, and lives a pretty hectic life.

What do you love most about performing?

I feel completely alive, and right in the moment on aerial fabric. There’s no thinking about the past or the future, my attention and energy is fully in the present moment. I also love the exchange of energy with the audience. I want people to feel like they can do anything! If they see me and think “look at what she is doing,” they might then think “what can I do that might seem impossible?”

What is it like for you training aerial?

Starting an aerial practice was so hard! What we do is difficult, but it’s also really fun. I can’t imagine doing a workout that wasn’t fun for me. I had to get through a lot of fear and difficulty when I learned aerials, and I’m a better person for it now. I thought about quitting but instead made the commitment to get better. Being scared and doing it anyway has translated into so many other parts of my life!”

What is your training routine like? Do you cross-train?

I don’t do any cross-training. I do love stretching and yoga, but I get all the exercise I feel I need just being on the aerial equipment. My training is more like playing, and I feel like aerials keeps me young (I’m 45).”

What is your choreography process like?

I start by listening to the music. I find the peaks and valleys in the music and choreograph from there. I’m at the point where I know the moves so well, that I can listen to a piece of music and know exactly how long it will take me to get prepped for a certain move, and I can write my choreography on an airplane if I have to!”

What is your advice for someone starting out?

Build a strong foundation of the basics. Get a really strong climb, hip key, straddle up…use great technique. Once you have that, then get creative with it! Start to think differently and explore. Make it yours.”

Learn more about Christine Van Loo at http://myaeriallife.com/. And visit this link to see a photo album from her visit to Aerial Fit.