September Announcements

This year we celebrate our 10th year teaching aerial arts and fitness in Charleston! We’re thrilled with the community that has embraced aerial, and are so inspired by all of our students, colleagues, and friends. As we move into the fall of 2019, we are making a few changes to the schedule, the prices, and our policies. Read on to see what’s happening in the fall.

Updated Schedule:

As of September 1, we are increasing most of our class times by 15 minutes, and moving a few of our classes around. We always try to minimize making changes to the schedule. However, these changes are necessary to accommodate changes in our teaching staff. Here’s what the updated schedule will look like, starting Sept 1:

September schedule

Updated Pricing:

We never enjoy raising prices and we rarely raise prices. Our last price increase was 3 years ago. Sometimes it does become necessary. Read on to learn more about what it is that your money pays for and why we need to sometimes make adjustments.

Class Sizes:

Our goal is always to keep classes fun, safe, and progressing from skill to skill efficiently. We want all of our students to get the most airtime possible and progress them safely. We maintain a small student/teacher ratio and never have more than 2 students sharing one apparatus. This means that many of our classes can only have at most 6 or 8 students.

A lot of other fitness businesses are able to offer classes with 20, 30 or even more students per one teacher in each class. That is something we won’t do, because we care about our culture of safety and quality teaching. Our classes are small group lessons, not large group classes. 

Class Quality:

We have consistently received feedback, from well respected traveling instructors as well as high level performers from other studios, that the quality of our instruction is on par with the top level aerial schools across the country. We also have received great feedback from a good number of our students who have taken classes in other schools that they really appreciate what we teach and how we teach it.

We are always focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment, with the highest quality instruction and equipment. 

Hiring Instructors & Scheduling Traveling Teachers:

We have been looking at different options for hiring highly trained instructors from outside of Aerial Fit. There is not a large pool of candidates to choose from that would fit in at Aerial Fit (see above). The instructors that teach at our level need to be compensated accordingly. We have learned that we can not afford to hire equally qualified instructors with our old prices.

Comparable Circus Schools:

A quick search of other well known aerial schools shows average class prices, including bulk discount rates, to be anywhere from $20 to $35 per class. Our pricing needs to stay on par with comparable circus schools.

Other Costs:

Unfortunately, unsafe practices across the country have caused insurance costs for reputable studios like ours to increase in the past few years. Insurance companies become more and more reluctant to cover what we do and competition among insurance providers in the industry decreases. We have also improved our facility by investing in equipment upgrades, including top of the line swivels, new apparatuses, more adjustable rig points, and more. 


It’s not all bad news. Adjusting our prices allows us to offer you new improvements. Here are just a few we look forward to:

  • We are increasing most of our class times by 15 minutes, which gives everyone more time in the classes they love. 
  • We can now offer members discounts on private and semi-private instruction. 
  • We will be posting skill sheets for students to track their progress through all of our levels on all of our apparatuses.
  • We’ll be better able to bring in visiting instructors to offer weekend workshops or even short mini-series. 
  • We will have more options for hiring experienced instructors to help offer even more awesome classes in the future. 

Other changes:

  • In September we will begin charging a nominal fee for Member Training Time. This will allow us to add more times to the schedule. Look for new Member Training Times in September, and know that by practicing what you’ve learned in class you will become stronger and gain mastery sooner, and get to spend more time on your favorite apparatuses.
  • As we transition to fewer full-time instructors, we all need to be careful with our time and energy in order to continue teaching at top form. Starting on September 1, classes with only 1 student signed up 24 hours prior to the class will be canceled for the day. Anyone signed up will be notified and given the option of using that time for rig point rental (see below) if approved. Please sign up in advance to help us plan the best classes, and to ensure that your class will be there for you!
  • Any classes with 2 students will be reduced by 15 minutes. As always, regular students are welcome to stay and stretch/cool down on their own past that time. With that small size class, air time is significantly increased, and students will essentially be receiving semi-private instruction at a steep discount.

New Offerings:

Pop-Up Mini-Series Classes are an opportunity for us to gauge interest in new offerings and class types. Keep your eyes open for new offerings in topics such as invented apparatuses, choreography, level-specific skills, and more. We’ll put these on the schedule once there are a minimum number of students signed up.

Rig point rental will be available at select times to members with training and approval. This will be time for members to work independently, on skills and conditioning that they have learned in class. Think of it like a 1 person Member Training Time, at various times on the schedule. Rig point rental time will be limited to one type of apparatus, and space will be limited. There will be additional restrictions based on what else is happening in the space during the time.

New Classes are being added to the schedule. You’ll hear more about these later.


Aerial Fit Pricing for Fall 2019

This pricing will go into effect on 8/30/19 for students with a current pass. We will contact all students with a current pass to share a discount to help ease the transition into the new pricing. Some of the pricing options will start earlier in August for students who do not have a current pass.

In Conclusion:

All of our students and friends make Aerial Fit what it is. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. Contact us with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you in the air soon!