Show Off Night Choreo Class

In 2019 we’re adding a Show Off Night Choreo class to the schedule! This class is for regular students currently enrolled in Level 1 or higher classes who are interested in learning to put together a short act and performing it in our Show Off Night events. 

What will the class be like?

We’re really excited about this class because it will be run very similarly to how we run our Showcase Choreo classes. Students will work on their apparatus of choice, and class will include technical and creative exercises that are part of aerial act creation. The class will run as a session, with a 2 month lead up to a Show Off Night performance. The first session will be part of our Winter Intensive, so this will be shorter and open only to Intensive students (sign up for the Intensive at this link). The next session after Winter Intensive will begin in March 2019.

Who can sign up?

This class is open to regular students currently enrolled in Level 1 or higher classes, who receive instructor permission. Please tell your instructor if you are interested! To enjoy this class you’ll need to have learned enough skills and transitions in your regular classes to be able to add creative fine-tuning in the Choreo class. We also require that students in this class are also concurrently taking regular Level 1 or higher classes on their apparatus of choice.

See past Show Off Night videos here.

We hope you’ll consider joining this class in the new year. Performing for friends and family is a great way to meet your goals and challenge yourself in new ways.