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Aerial Sling Teacher Training

Aerial Sling Beginning Level Teacher Training

Aerial Sling is a great place for beginners to start an aerial practice. It teaches important fundamentals that translate well to Aerial Silks, Trapeze, and Aerial Hoop, and it allows beginners to access all sorts of fun and unique postures, wraps, and sequences. Our Aerial Sling Teacher Training Program is designed for new and experienced aerial instructors to understand effective techniques for teaching to all sorts of populations.

All Aerial Fit Teacher Trainings focus on developing thoughtful and informed instructors who can effectively teach students who are naturally athletic and more importantly, those who are not. Expect to engage in lots of critical thinking as we explore progressions that introduce advanced concepts in a simple and safe way right from day 1.
Aerial Sling Teacher Training

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday – Sunday, April 20-23, 2017
Application and deposit deadline is March 20, 2017

Daily Schedule (each day will include a 1-hour lunch break):
• Thursday, 10:00am – 6:00pm
• Friday, 10:00am – 8:00pm
• Saturday, 11:00am – 7:00pm
• Sunday, (partial day, hours to be determined one month prior to training start)

What to expect:

This 30 hour hands-on training gives new and experienced instructors the tools to get students started in an aerial sling practice. Our approach to aerial sling is that it is a versatile and fun apparatus, ideal for beginners and fun for pros. There’s a large variety of possibilities that are safe and inspiring for those just starting an aerial practice, and lots of creative potential for those with more experience. In our view, aerial sling combines some of the best qualities of aerial silks, lyra, and trapeze, and can be a springboard toward any of those apparatuses.

Teachers will leave with an understanding of how to use the aerial sling to build a strong foundation of strength and understanding for any aerial apparatus, as well as a repertoire of moves and sequences appropriate for beginner to advanced beginner level students. Teachers will learn our progressions and how to create their own, to best reach a variety of students with a variety of strengths and challenges.

This training includes hands on work, including the opportunity to create and lead your own beginner level class with real students, with your instructor/coach observing and helping. An amazing teacher cannot be made in just one workshop; we love teaching and realize that it takes years of practice and study and we are always improving. This program is a great starting point for anyone who loves the possibilities of aerial and would like to share that with others. Anyone wanting to receive an Aerial Fit Certification will need to complete additional requirements upon leaving the training. To learn more about these, click here.


$750 + $50 textbook fee



  • At least one year dedicated experience on aerial sling and/or aerial silks.
  • Application
  • Audition video
  • Teaching experience highly recommended.
  • Recommendation from coach/instructor.
  • Current regular students of Aerial Fit, feel free to talk to Jordan or Clayton directly to inquire about qualifying for the training.


    “This place is absolutely amazing! Jordan and Clayton offer excellent instruction on an array of exciting circus-oriented classes. As a student, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of these classes. My strength and balance have tremendously increased and I have had so much fun and come away feeling accomplished. If you have ever had an interest in circus oriented classes, definitely check this place out!” – R. Kiser

    “Thanks for the community that you have fostered and nurtured here. Thank you for your love of teaching, for the learning opportunities of all sorts that you create, and for the care for health and safety that you embody. We are so fortunate to have both of you and Aerial Fit in Charleston.” – D. Noecker

    “The students in my classes ranged from teens to seniors. It was literally a melding pot of personality, body types and physical abilities. A truly supportive group with helpful professionals that make the classes pass by with lots of smiles, even when struggling on a skill.” – L. Davis

    Audition video

    Your video should include the following skills demonstrated cleanly and confidently. We’re especially interested in seeing proper shoulder and abdominal engagement, so please show getting into and out of each skill as well as holding each skill. Once you’ve created your video, just send the link to

  • Lock-off (straight and bent arm), 10 seconds.
  • Straddle up from a lock-off.
  • Hollow body on the ground.
  • Hollow body in the sling.
  • Climb to hip key from gazelle, on both sides of the body.
  • Pullover to front balance mount, and dismount.
  • 2 minute or longer sequence of choice. We’d love to see you in action, so send us a short video of yourself going through a sequence of choice on the aerial sling. We’d rather see clean movement than advanced skills, so send us whatever makes you happy to be doing on the sling.
  • Additional requirements for Aerial Fit certification.

    The teacher training itself is only the first step in our certification process. You may choose to complete the teacher training with or without pursuing the certification. Those interested in receiving an Aerial Fit teacher certification will need to complete additional requirements upon leaving the course. These requirements include a course in shoulder anatomy, a course in rigging basics, 10 hours of class observation and assisting with an Aerial Fit approved instructor, 20 hours co-teaching with an Aerial Fit approved instructor, 5 hours supervised teaching, and a final in-person assessment at Aerial Fit.

    Ongoing certification requirements carry a small additional cost. The cost for anatomy and rigging workshops will vary and we will provide you with a list of recommended options. The cost for us to review your practicum hours and have an in-person assessment at Aerial Fit is $150.

    Whether you choose to pursue certification with us or with anyone else, our beginner Aerial Sling teacher training is a great place to start.

    Aerial Sling Teacher Training December 14, 2016


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