What Students Are Saying

We’ve worked with over 5,000 unique students over the years. We love working with every type of student and we often learn as much from our students as they learn from us.

Student Testimonials

I LOVE IT HERE! literally just got home from my first class, I went as a drop in, and I’m dreaming of silks and planning when i can go back! Dont be intimidated, I was able to learn some fun stuff on the silks, even though it was my first time and I am very much not in shape. I cannot wait to go back!


I love going to Aerial Fit. The instructors are great at meeting you at your level, which was very comforting as I was coming in without much of an exercise regimen at all. I always leave feeling better, more awake, and stronger than I did when I entered. Instructors are also good at breaking down the basics for you, as well as remembering to let you know when you’re doing something correctly. I wish I had started going here sooner.


I LOVED my time at Aerial Fit, and I definitely want to take a class or 10 next time I’m back in Charleston. It’s nice to find a low impact activity that absolutely kicked my butt. It seems like the highest form of Pilates, and it really brought to light ways I can be more fit. The classes at your gym were a fun and creative way to get stronger and challenge myself. I also greatly appreciated the quality of your instruction and your dedication to the safety of your students. I love how on my first day there the other girls told me this is where we started. I appreciated that :).


Thanks to the fantastic instructors at Aerial Fit I’m sporting a new sense of flexibility! (and a few well earned bruises to boot). If you want to brush up on your aerial training, I highly suggest a workshop or two with the Wonderson Duo in Charleston.


The instructors at Aerial Fit are amazing! I highly recommend Aerial Fit if you are interested in learning how to “fly” in a safe and encouraging environment.


This place is absolutely amazing! Jordan and Clayton offer excellent instruction on an array of exciting circus-oriented classes. As a student, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of these classes. My stength and balance have tremendously increased and I have had so much fun and come away feeling accomplished. If you have ever had an interest in circus oriented classes, definitely check this place out!


Clayton was great and very patient with all my millions of questions and I worked up a sweat. Definitely coming back to AF!


CONSISTENTLY AMAZING! EXACTLY what my body& mind needs!Challenging, strengthening, distressing & relaxing!


Aerial yoga is the time I put aside once a week for myself. Like most motivated professionals, I’m very busy, but I always make time for aerial class. It gives me a sense of calmness that is invaluable. I leave class feeling less stressed, happier, and healthier. It is an important part of my hectic life. As a teacher I see how important good health and exercise are for our community. I have never been terribly coordinated so i find most sports frustrating. I tell people all the time that with Aerial Fit I’ve finally found something physical that I’m good at! Without it I wouldn’t have an outlet for activity. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has felt defeated by traditional sports which is why it’s so important that there is now a dedicated circus school in this area.


I felt safe, had fun, and will absolutely be returning. Highly recommend!


This opportunity was great! We tried the Aerial Sling and the Lyra (hoop). The skills we learned made us feel strong and we looked graceful. Jordan and Clayton were great instructors.


For those of us who desire regular fitness classes, but abhor the environment of a traditional gym, Aerial Fit provides a great outlet for real fitness training with real results, with the additional bonus of learning a fun skill! Jordan and Clayton make aerial fitness accessible to a wide range of students. I enjoy having a workout that challenges my muscles and my mind.


I have been attending classes with Aerial Fit for over a year. I am amazed how strong I have become! Not only are the classes fun, they are safe. Jordan and Clayton are experienced teachers that make sure a person is strong enough to try certain “tricks.” As a woman approaching 40, I am looking for new ways to exercise and I cannot explain how much fun it is to exercise while hanging upside down! I love being able to work out while working on a new trick. I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment when I am able to do some amazing trick. It is so much better than going to the gym and doing the same thing over and over. I can actually tell I am getting stronger. I love the way Jordan and Clayton integrate exercise, fun, and safety all in just one class! I plan on “hanging around” with them as long as I can!


The owners of Aerial Fit have created an extremely safe and positive environment for anyone to explore the art of circus. Their support and encouragement have made all the difference in my training! Thanks Aerial Fit!!


In my late fifties, I began practicing aerial yoga with Jordan Anderson. It has been such a positive experience for me as it has helped me counteract the unfortunate, and inevitable, effects of aging. I hope more people will have the opportunity to practice aerial yoga and feel its amazing benefits. I think this circus building is a great option for anyone looking to have fun and improve their physical fitness.