What Students Are Saying

We’ve worked with over 5,000 unique students over the years. We love working with every type of student and we often learn as much from our students as they learn from us.

Student Testimonials

As always, Jordan gave such helpful tips!


I felt safe, had fun, and will absolutely be returning. Highly recommend!


Most amazing place on earth! The Disney of aerialists!


Regular aerial classes have improved my strength as well as given an outlet for all stresses that accumulate from work. That moment in time when I am suspended in air, I no longer think about what’s beyond the gym doors. It is one of the rare moments when I can focus on just one thing. This is not just a gym, there is a camaraderie among the students and instructors.


Clayton was great and very patient with all my millions of questions and I worked up a sweat. Definitely coming back to AF!


Love silks with Lindsey!!


Love this class!


Lindsey is one of my favorite teachers so far. Such a great personality, got up on the apparatus a lot to do the moves right beside us, and really made the learning easy for me! I love all my aerial classes.


hard class, but great class! used my brain and my muscles! we get to learn all the best skills !!

Dafne Andrea

I love going to Aerial Fit! The instructors are patient and accommodating of all skill levels. It’s a unique, fun and challenging workout!


I’m in love with Arial acrobatics just after 1 class! Can’t wait to learn more! The instructors are amazing!!


I love going to Aerial Fit. The instructors are great at meeting you at your level, which was very comforting as I was coming in without much of an exercise regimen at all. I always leave feeling better, more awake, and stronger than I did when I entered. Instructors are also good at breaking down the basics for you, as well as remembering to let you know when you’re doing something correctly. I wish I had started going here sooner.




Aerial yoga is the time I put aside once a week for myself. Like most motivated professionals, I’m very busy, but I always make time for aerial class. It gives me a sense of calmness that is invaluable. I leave class feeling less stressed, happier, and healthier. It is an important part of my hectic life. As a teacher I see how important good health and exercise are for our community. I have never been terribly coordinated so i find most sports frustrating. I tell people all the time that with Aerial Fit I’ve finally found something physical that I’m good at! Without it I wouldn’t have an outlet for activity. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has felt defeated by traditional sports which is why it’s so important that there is now a dedicated circus school in this area.


I am a CEO of 3 boys, and a jewelry designer. I ruptured two discs and herniated a third disc in my back in August of 2011. I did PT and had injections until December 2011, that helped with pain but not with getting me back to my active life. I found the aerial yoga online and called Jordan. I explained to her about what I had been through. She took it upon herself to research my injuries so she would have a better understanding of what my body needed. I have been working with Jordan since January of 2012. I started with a beginner aerial yoga class and it took off from there. The aerial yoga and circus training has done more to improve my back in two distinct ways, first by hanging it is more organic traction than any thing my Physical Therapist could do for me and second the core strength I have built from the circus training has helped me to have my active lifestyle back. I have not met two people that are more dedicated to the wellbeing of their clients than Jordan and Clayton. I wish all trainers and teachers could see how invested they are in their students.