What Students Are Saying

We’ve worked with over 5,000 unique students over the years. We love working with every type of student and we often learn as much from our students as they learn from us.

Student Testimonials

If I had to summarize this studio in one word, it would be amazing!
I drove with some acro friends 3 hours to try this studio out after having some bad experiences in my own town.
The instructors Kelly and Lindsey were especially patient with me who is less than flexible and took their time to ensure I was being safe and doing things correctly.
I never once felt neglected or wondering what is going on.
This was worth the drive and I will continue to go for classes.


Just realizing I have never written this amazing place a review. I have been going to this studio on and off since 2014 and it truly changed my life by bringing me into the world of aerial. Not only does this studio value safety over all else but they also find ways to explain even the most intricate moves. The owners Jordan and Clayton are extremely welcoming to all who enter their doors and make sure everyone feels at home in their studio. They have worked with me through various injuries and always have so much knowledge on all things aerial. If you have never tried aerial and are thinking of it this is an amazing studio to start in. It is also a great studio for any experienced aerialist as well because they have the ability to cover all levels of ability. I have this studio to thank for so much of both my inner and outer strength.

Katie Sophia

Most amazing place on earth! The Disney of aerialists!


Aerial classes have challenged both my my mind and my body. I have become stronger physically and the fabrics offer a mental puzzle that is not only challenging but rewarding as well. Circus schools offer an intriguing and interesting alternative to the health and fitness industry in the lowcountry. I know I was bored and burnt out from the normal gym setting, and found aerial after seeking out alternatives. Aerial is a great full body workout, and it is so much fun it hardly even feels like work. This form of exercise is not only very rewarding to the practitioner but beautiful to watch and is becoming more and more popular as a way of increasing strength and also flexibility.


Lindsey is one of my favorite teachers so far. Such a great personality, got up on the apparatus a lot to do the moves right beside us, and really made the learning easy for me! I love all my aerial classes.


This place is absolutely amazing! Jordan and Clayton offer excellent instruction on an array of exciting circus-oriented classes. As a student, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of these classes. My stength and balance have tremendously increased and I have had so much fun and come away feeling accomplished. If you have ever had an interest in circus oriented classes, definitely check this place out!


The instructors at Aerial Fit are amazing! I highly recommend Aerial Fit if you are interested in learning how to “fly” in a safe and encouraging environment.


This opportunity was great! We tried the Aerial Sling and the Lyra (hoop). The skills we learned made us feel strong and we looked graceful. Jordan and Clayton were great instructors.


Love silks with Lindsey!!


I felt safe, had fun, and will absolutely be returning. Highly recommend!


This class was super fun with Clayton! He really took his time to make sure we were safe, while also having fun and learning to climb (my first time).


CONSISTENTLY AMAZING! EXACTLY what my body& mind needs!Challenging, strengthening, distressing & relaxing!


I am a CEO of 3 boys, and a jewelry designer. I ruptured two discs and herniated a third disc in my back in August of 2011. I did PT and had injections until December 2011, that helped with pain but not with getting me back to my active life. I found the aerial yoga online and called Jordan. I explained to her about what I had been through. She took it upon herself to research my injuries so she would have a better understanding of what my body needed. I have been working with Jordan since January of 2012. I started with a beginner aerial yoga class and it took off from there. The aerial yoga and circus training has done more to improve my back in two distinct ways, first by hanging it is more organic traction than any thing my Physical Therapist could do for me and second the core strength I have built from the circus training has helped me to have my active lifestyle back. I have not met two people that are more dedicated to the wellbeing of their clients than Jordan and Clayton. I wish all trainers and teachers could see how invested they are in their students.




In my late fifties, I began practicing aerial yoga with Jordan Anderson. It has been such a positive experience for me as it has helped me counteract the unfortunate, and inevitable, effects of aging. I hope more people will have the opportunity to practice aerial yoga and feel its amazing benefits. I think this circus building is a great option for anyone looking to have fun and improve their physical fitness.