What Students Are Saying

We’ve worked with over 5,000 unique students over the years. We love working with every type of student and we often learn as much from our students as they learn from us.

Student Testimonials

If I had to summarize this studio in one word, it would be amazing!
I drove with some acro friends 3 hours to try this studio out after having some bad experiences in my own town.
The instructors Kelly and Lindsey were especially patient with me who is less than flexible and took their time to ensure I was being safe and doing things correctly.
I never once felt neglected or wondering what is going on.
This was worth the drive and I will continue to go for classes.


CONSISTENTLY AMAZING! EXACTLY what my body& mind needs!Challenging, strengthening, distressing & relaxing!


I felt safe, had fun, and will absolutely be returning. Highly recommend!


This is my 3rd Aerial Silks company and I have advanced twice fold in the past 4 months. Jordan is truly a subject matter expert and is able to break it down to the fundamentals. Highly recommend.


I LOVED my time at Aerial Fit, and I definitely want to take a class or 10 next time I’m back in Charleston. It’s nice to find a low impact activity that absolutely kicked my butt. It seems like the highest form of Pilates, and it really brought to light ways I can be more fit. The classes at your gym were a fun and creative way to get stronger and challenge myself. I also greatly appreciated the quality of your instruction and your dedication to the safety of your students. I love how on my first day there the other girls told me this is where we started. I appreciated that :).


For those of us who desire regular fitness classes, but abhor the environment of a traditional gym, Aerial Fit provides a great outlet for real fitness training with real results, with the additional bonus of learning a fun skill! Jordan and Clayton make aerial fitness accessible to a wide range of students. I enjoy having a workout that challenges my muscles and my mind.


I have been attending classes with Aerial Fit for over a year. I am amazed how strong I have become! Not only are the classes fun, they are safe. Jordan and Clayton are experienced teachers that make sure a person is strong enough to try certain “tricks.” As a woman approaching 40, I am looking for new ways to exercise and I cannot explain how much fun it is to exercise while hanging upside down! I love being able to work out while working on a new trick. I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment when I am able to do some amazing trick. It is so much better than going to the gym and doing the same thing over and over. I can actually tell I am getting stronger. I love the way Jordan and Clayton integrate exercise, fun, and safety all in just one class! I plan on “hanging around” with them as long as I can!




I recently traveled to Charleston to do a training at Aerial Fit. First of all, the training is advanced, and Jordan is highly certified to instruct it. I was very impressed with the building and the organization of the equipment. Upon entering, one of the first things you did was participate in an orientation that also served as a safety briefing. I was glad about this because it meant that my safety was going to be ensured. Jordan and Clayton are very knowledgeable on the requirements for a safe facility. I only had Jordan as an instructor during the training, but she was incredible. I learned so much from her. Her method of teaching is very hands-on, which makes the things you learn stick more easily. She is patient and informative. They have built something really really special there. All of the students at the Circus Building are delighted from the moment they walk in. Clayton and Jordan and the other teachers provide a safe environment for people to live out their dreams – learning to be a circus performer. A+

P.S. Everyone there started as a beginner. You can do anything you set your mind too.


Love silks with Lindsey!!


Regular aerial classes have improved my strength as well as given an outlet for all stresses that accumulate from work. That moment in time when I am suspended in air, I no longer think about what’s beyond the gym doors. It is one of the rare moments when I can focus on just one thing. This is not just a gym, there is a camaraderie among the students and instructors.


hard class, but great class! used my brain and my muscles! we get to learn all the best skills !!

Dafne Andrea

In my late fifties, I began practicing aerial yoga with Jordan Anderson. It has been such a positive experience for me as it has helped me counteract the unfortunate, and inevitable, effects of aging. I hope more people will have the opportunity to practice aerial yoga and feel its amazing benefits. I think this circus building is a great option for anyone looking to have fun and improve their physical fitness.


As always, Jordan gave such helpful tips!


Clayton was great and very patient with all my millions of questions and I worked up a sweat. Definitely coming back to AF!