What Students Are Saying

We’ve worked with over 5,000 unique students over the years. We love working with every type of student and we often learn as much from our students as they learn from us.

Student Testimonials

Thanks to the fantastic instructors at Aerial Fit I’m sporting a new sense of flexibility! (and a few well earned bruises to boot). If you want to brush up on your aerial training, I highly suggest a workshop or two with the Wonderson Duo in Charleston.


Clayton was great and very patient with all my millions of questions and I worked up a sweat. Definitely coming back to AF!


Aerial yoga is the time I put aside once a week for myself. Like most motivated professionals, I’m very busy, but I always make time for aerial class. It gives me a sense of calmness that is invaluable. I leave class feeling less stressed, happier, and healthier. It is an important part of my hectic life. As a teacher I see how important good health and exercise are for our community. I have never been terribly coordinated so i find most sports frustrating. I tell people all the time that with Aerial Fit I’ve finally found something physical that I’m good at! Without it I wouldn’t have an outlet for activity. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has felt defeated by traditional sports which is why it’s so important that there is now a dedicated circus school in this area.


This class was super fun with Clayton! He really took his time to make sure we were safe, while also having fun and learning to climb (my first time).


I felt safe, had fun, and will absolutely be returning. Highly recommend!


This is my 3rd Aerial Silks company and I have advanced twice fold in the past 4 months. Jordan is truly a subject matter expert and is able to break it down to the fundamentals. Highly recommend.


The instructors at Aerial Fit are amazing! I highly recommend Aerial Fit if you are interested in learning how to “fly” in a safe and encouraging environment.


I had an amazing first class with Clayton. He was great about explaining and demonstrating things multiple ways so I could understand and I appreciate him challenging each person in the class at their own skill level. I can’t wait to go back!


Just realizing I have never written this amazing place a review. I have been going to this studio on and off since 2014 and it truly changed my life by bringing me into the world of aerial. Not only does this studio value safety over all else but they also find ways to explain even the most intricate moves. The owners Jordan and Clayton are extremely welcoming to all who enter their doors and make sure everyone feels at home in their studio. They have worked with me through various injuries and always have so much knowledge on all things aerial. If you have never tried aerial and are thinking of it this is an amazing studio to start in. It is also a great studio for any experienced aerialist as well because they have the ability to cover all levels of ability. I have this studio to thank for so much of both my inner and outer strength.

Katie Sophia

I recently traveled to Charleston to do a training at Aerial Fit. First of all, the training is advanced, and Jordan is highly certified to instruct it. I was very impressed with the building and the organization of the equipment. Upon entering, one of the first things you did was participate in an orientation that also served as a safety briefing. I was glad about this because it meant that my safety was going to be ensured. Jordan and Clayton are very knowledgeable on the requirements for a safe facility. I only had Jordan as an instructor during the training, but she was incredible. I learned so much from her. Her method of teaching is very hands-on, which makes the things you learn stick more easily. She is patient and informative. They have built something really really special there. All of the students at the Circus Building are delighted from the moment they walk in. Clayton and Jordan and the other teachers provide a safe environment for people to live out their dreams – learning to be a circus performer. A+

P.S. Everyone there started as a beginner. You can do anything you set your mind too.


I have to say that this is the best decision that I’ve ever done. Jordan and Clayton are awesome and phenomenal in making sure that you’re safe and understand what you’re doing. Also it is a lot of fun! For anyone that is thinking about it just do it because it will be spectacular! 🙂


I have brought my daughter here for a private lesson and am taking an introductory course myself. The instructors are professional, personable, and really accommodating to the comfort and skills of each person. Class size is small and the studio is very clean. If you’re curious about aerial or just looking for a new way to move your body, this is a great place to go.

Sarah McCann



I LOVE IT HERE! literally just got home from my first class, I went as a drop in, and I’m dreaming of silks and planning when i can go back! Dont be intimidated, I was able to learn some fun stuff on the silks, even though it was my first time and I am very much not in shape. I cannot wait to go back!


I’m in love with Arial acrobatics just after 1 class! Can’t wait to learn more! The instructors are amazing!!