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Rope Technique for Intermediate Aerialists

Sunday, August 19th  |  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This workshop will serve as an introduction into the world of Aerial Rope. We will cover fundamental techniques and pathways necessary to provide a solid foundation for Rope and also Fabric. Through various drills and exercises, students will develop the tools and understanding in order to continue their own training and exploration on rope safely and productively. A strong emphasis will be placed on technique, alignment and bio-mechanics which will be applicable to all aerial apparatuses.

Pre-Requisites: Aerial Fit Level 2 on any apparatus, OR must be able to climb 20ft and invert in the air


Dynamic Rope & Fabric

(also applicable for sling and trapeze)

Sunday, August 19th  |  12:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Dynamic movement has become an integral part of Rope and Fabric in the last 10 years. Harnessing momentum in the air opens up a whole new range of skills, transitions and ways of moving through the air. When we become proficient in these techniques and pathways, we increase our power and strength in the air whilst decreasing the amount of effort required.

In this class we will cover the techniques required to maximize your power and grace in the air; engagement, timing, pathway and release. This workshop will be beneficial to any student wishing to learn or improve dynamic movement on any apparatus.

Pre-Requisites: Aerial Fit Level 3 Silks OR must be able to climb 20ft, cleanly invert and windmill hip key in the air


Workshop Pricing:

$60 each or $100 for both

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Private Lessons with Alex Allen:

One person: $90/hour
Additional 2-3 people: Add $10/person

Please contact us to schedule a private lesson.


From Sydney, Australia, Alex Allan is an internationally recognized aerial rope artist and coach. After completing a Bachelor of Communications (Theatre/Media) at CSU, Australia, he was accepted into San Francisco Circus Center’s – Professional Aerial Program. Since graduating, Alex has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Teatro Zin Zanni, Cirque Dreams, Acrobatic Conundrum, Zaccho Dance Theatre and Bad Mar Mar Dance Company as well as travelling the world teaching his rope technique.

As a coach, Alex places a strong emphasis on mastering technique and efficient movement pathways. With his knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, Alex is able to work with his students to develop a deep understanding of integrated, full-bodied with the goal of performing skills with grace and ease.

Influenced by his diverse educational background, Alex thrives on the creation of new, unique forms of physical performance. Believing that the body has the power to convey that which words cannot, his work commonly explores themes of human existence in the modern world.

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