Intro to Aerial: Starts 9/9/21

Fly, twist, twirl, dive & spin your way into big smiles! Perfect for beginners.

Date: 4 Thursdays starting on 9/9/21
Time: 7:00pm
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Intro Series Includes:

  • Four 1-hour in-person classes with a highly experienced instructor.
  • Your own apparatus during class. No apparatus sharing means more air time for you.
  • Photo and Video ops in each class to capture the fun and your progress.
  • 4 at-home on demand ground workouts that cover the essentials for all aerialists. $25 Value

Price: $160

Signup Deadline: Sign up before 8/30/2021. Class size is very limited.

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Our 4 Week Intro to Aerial Series is designed for complete beginners to get started with an aerial practice. No experience needed.


  • You will be welcomed warmly to an exciting new adventure. We will keep you safe, challenged, and smiling.
  • Every class will have skills worthy of photo ops!
  • Your instructor will be one of the most experienced instructors in the nation with 11+ years of teaching experience including over 14,000 hours of teaching in addition to personal training and performing experience.


Safety is our first priority. We take COVID just as seriously. We are slowly reducing our COVID related safety precautions. Please checkout our COVID policies page for more information. Full COVID Policies


This series meets on the same night of the week at the same time for 4 consecutive weeks. Students who miss a class can access one of our On Demand Ground Workouts as a makeup class.

Sold Out

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