Nemesis November

Focused training to master that elusive skill!

Date: 4 Thursdays starting on 11/4/21*
Time: 6:00pm
*This 4 week series is spread over 5 weeks because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Class will meet on 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, and 12/2.

Open to Silks, Lyra, Sling, and Trapeze students with prior experience.

Pick 1 skill that has been elusive. A skill that you feel like you should have but just can’t make it happen. We will drill and train this specific skill with the goal of making it successful by the end of the series.

Training will include a wide variety of different drills for one specific skill. Additional drills will be assigned to students to do between class times.

Pre-requisites: This series is for students with previous experience at Aerial Fit on silks, lyra, sling, or trapeze. Drills and training will be tailored to focus on 1 skill.
Price: $160

Signup Deadline: Sign up before 10/31/2021. Class size is very limited.

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