Silks Choreography Mini-Series

Silks Choreography Mini-SeriesPop-Up Miniseries are a fun way to add a bit of variety to your training, or try something new! Pop-Up Miniseries are announced in advance, and only added to the schedule when a minimum number of sign-ups has been met. To sign-up, stop by the retail section next time you’re in the studio, or contact us.



Choreographing on Aerial Silks involves moving through different types of supports in interesting, surprising, and different ways. In this series you’ll learn a choreography, developed by Jordan, timed to music. This series will challenge your timing, grace and flow, and keep you going on your journey of expression and movement beyond the skills. At the end of the series you’ll have the option to perform as a group and get the sequence on video. Parts of the choreography will be modified up or down to your level.



Level 2 or higher on Silks AND comfort with Crossback Straddle, Dancer Wraps, & Inversions (ground or air)


DATES & TIMES: 6 Week Series

6 Thursdays at 7:15pm March 19th – April 23rd


COST: $150

Not included with current membership

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